Mobile Vaccines Offer a One-Stop Shop for Sydney Corporate Flu Vaccinations

As a business owner or manager, you recognize the importance of having a reliable staff. When employees are out ill, it can be disruptive to the business environment, impede profits and in some cases, wreak havoc on the …read more .

What You Should Know About the Sydney Flu Shot – A Primer for Businesses from Vaxsmart

When businesses think about the many different ways that they can protect their employees, they should not be lax when it comes to one of the most important methods at their disposal – the flu shot. In Sydney, the flu shot …read more .

Obtain a Flu Vaccine in Sydney

Are you ready for a new generation of vaccines? Long gone are the days of missing work to try to recuperate. You no longer have to send your employees off site to wait in long lines at the doctor’s offices so they can obtain a …read more .

Stay Flu-Free in Blacktown with a Workplace Flu Shot

Are you tired of missing time from work each year due to illness such as the flu? Have you endured the influenza virus or taken care of a loved one who was suffering from the flu? If so, you certainly know that having the flu is …read more .

Vaxsmart – Simple Workplace Flu Shots in Castle Hill

When it’s time to provide your employees with immunizations for the influenza virus, you can offer each employee the opportunity for a convenient workplace flu shot in Castle Hill without any downtime or travel …read more .

Chatswood Employers – It’s time for Workplace Flu Shots

If you’re an Australian employer, there’s never been a better reason to offer your employees the option to receive a workplace flu shot in Chatswood. At Vaxsmart, we provide mobile vaccination clinics to Chatswood employers. …read more .

Parramatta Employees are Healthier – Thanks to Vaxsmart Workplace Flu Shots

If you’re wondering how to stay healthy at your workplace this flu season, the answer is as easy as a walk outside. That’s right; you can secure a convenient workplace flu shot in Parramatta from VaxSmart. Some employees …read more .

Spring into Health in Penrith with a Convenient Workplace Flu Shot

As we ease into the beautiful spring season, it’s a perfect time to encourage employees to take an annual workplace flu shot in Penrith. At Vaxsmart, we make it easy and affordable for you to offer your workforce …read more .

Increasing Compliance Among Employees With a Workplace Flu Shot in Sydney

When attempting to encourage the workplace flu shot, Sydney employers can offer the vaccine for free. However, that doesn’t mean that their employees will jump at the opportunity to get this vaccination – not if they have to go …read more .

Choosing a Mobile Option for Workplace Flu Shots in Sydney – How it Can Be to Your Benefit

You already know that it’s to your business’s benefit that you have your employees vaccinated. The numbers have been crunched, and a stark portrait has been painted that speaks to you of cost effectiveness, productivity, and hours …read more .

Why Choose a Workplace Flu Vaccination in Sydney for Your Employees? Explore the Benefits

As a business owner, there are many different benefits to choose from when it comes to providing care for your employees. Among the array of advantages you can opt to provide to your workers is the standard workplace flu …read more .

Pay for Convenience with Vaxsmart Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Sydney

There are many things to worry about when it comes to running your business, but never forget that there is no asset more essential to the running of your business than your employees. Every year, millions of individuals are taken out …read more .

Maintain a Safer, More Productive Workforce with a Workplace Flu Vaccine in Sydney

There are many things that you can do to make your workplace a safer place for your staff, such as making sick days available when necessary. However, there are things that you can do that don’t require putting a dent in your …read more .

Why Schedule On-Site Corporate Flu Vaccinations for Your Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley Business?

Few things are as inevitable in any given year as flu season, and unfortunately, workplaces (along with schools) tend to be hit the hardest with illness. With a staff of people working in close quarters with one another, it can be difficult …read more .

Ensure Qualified Flu Shot Administration: Call Vaxsmart for Workplace Vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

If you want to make sure that as many of your employees as possible are getting this year’s flu vaccination, then hiring a mobile service to come to your office is the ideal option. These companies will come to you, bringing vaccines and people …read more .

Three Good Reasons to Get Flu Shots in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

As a business, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to minimise the potentially devastating loss of productivity that comes with flu season. Requiring employees to get flu shots, or even scheduling a corporate flu shot program and …read more .

How Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle Can Improve Your Corporate Culture

A firm mission statement; challenging and rewarding work; an atmosphere of sustained communication and collaboration; a strong work-life balance; a feeling of ‘belonging’ or value’: these are all characteristics that job seekers want to …read more .

From Flu Vaccinations to Hand Washing: How to Promote a Germ-Free Workplace in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

According to Sonic Health Plus (, influenza costs the Australian economy approximately $35 billion annually. The source also says that an individual …read more .

Planning a Workplace Flu Vaccine Program? How to Make Your Event a Success in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

Scheduling a workplace flu vaccine event for your Hunter Valley, Central Coast or Newcastle office is a great way of keeping your staff healthy during flu season. However, if you plan to hire a mobile flu shot service to come to the office, you …read more .

VaxSmart Offers Convenient Mobile Flu Vaccines to Businesses on the Central Coast, Including Hunter Valley and Newcastle

Each year, as the seasons change, there always comes a time when the number of employees at your company showing up to work on time dwindles. Soon after, the phone calls start, with staff complaining of sore throats, headaches, and high fevers …read more .

Do You Need Your Influenza Shot? VaxSmart Comes to Your Office on the Central Coast, Whether in Newcastle or Hunter Valley

Contending with the lost productivity of flu season is a challenge that businesses and corporations around Australia face each year. The nature of the flu virus and its constant mutations ensures that no vaccine is effective for more …read more .

For Convenient Office Influenza Vaccination on the Central Coast, VaxSmart Serves Hunter Valley and Newcastle

When the flu enters the workplace, it can wreak havoc with your staff. It may only take one person showing up to work sick to begin a chain reaction that infects a number of people at your company, driving down employee attendance and driving …read more .

Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle Employers – Get Influenza Vaccines for your Employees

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Workplace Flu Shots in Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle

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Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle

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Your Flu Vaccine. How to Get Your Corporate Vaccinations or Workplace Flu Shots?

Influenza is a contagious, viral infection that has been affecting the respiratory systems of humans and animals for thousands of years. In people, symptoms generally present one to four days following contact with the contagion and may include fever …read more .

Vaccinations and Why You Should Get Your Influenza Vaccine Shot

Disease has been a concerning presence throughout civilization’s history. For centuries the plague, smallpox, yellow fever and other deadly viruses have ravaged populations across the globe. Due to the severe nature of these conditions medical …read more .