Understanding Influenza

As the new year approaches companies will look to arrange a flu clinic for their staff . There are many misconceptions about the flu Below is a informative article and video I found on you-tube explaining some facts about the flu virus and how it changes from year to year. I recommend watching this to truly understand the effectiveness of the flu vaccine

“Don’t be one of the 200000 people who goes to the hospital for the Flu every year. Learn about the influenza virus, and how to prevent and treat it.Overview Each year, the flu is responsible for more than 200000 hospitalizations and 36000 deaths. Caused by the influenza virus, the flu spreads easily and attacks the respiratory system. In most cases, the flu is mild, causing a fever, aches and fatigue, but it can also lead to serious complications, including pneumonia and death. How the Flu Develops When a person infected with the flu coughs or sneezes, droplets containing the flu virus are released into the air. The flu spreads when a person inhales these droplets. The droplets can also land on surfaces and infect people who touch the surface and then their eyes, nose or mouth. Once inside the body, the flu virus attaches to cells in the airways, sinuses and lungs and replicates, leading to a larger infection.”