Why Schedule On-Site Corporate Flu Vaccinations for Your Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley Business?

Few things are as inevitable in any given year as flu season, and unfortunately, workplaces (along with schools) tend to be hit the hardest with illness. With a staff of people working in close quarters with one another, it can be difficult to prevent the spread of germs from one person to another. The costs of influenza—including the resulting sick days and overall loss of productivity—can be devastating for businesses.

Fortunately, there may be a way to curb the effects of illness at your workplace this flu season. At Vaxsmart, we offer corporate flu vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley, and Newcastle. A mobile service, we can come to you and vaccinate your employees against this year’s influenza strains right on the spot. This process increases the overall rate of vaccination in your workplace, hopefully minimizing the effects of flu season on your business.

The Benefits of Corporate Flu Shot Programs

It goes without saying that having more of your employees vaccinated against the most common strains of the flu virus can be beneficial. The first step for any employee wellness program is to prevent illness, and flu shots—along with hand washing and other hygienic habits—can go a long way towards preventing infection across the workplace.

But what are the advantages of hiring Vaxsmart to bring a corporate flu vaccination station right to your Hunter Valley office, instead of just asking that employees get their flu shots on their own? The first benefit is convenience. When employees have to use their own time to go to a doctor or drugstore to get a flu shot, they become more likely to put off getting a vaccination or to skip it entirely. Bringing a mobile service to your office and making it easy for employees to get flu shots on site, during work and with the bill covered by the company, is a much better way of ensuring office-wide compliance.

When you count on Vaxsmart for your corporate flu vaccinations in Newcastle or Central Coast, you also guarantee a top-quality flu shot service. This year, we will be using the new Quadrivalent vaccine, a state-of-the-art flu vaccination designed to defend against the four most common strains of influenza. (In previous years, we administered the Trivalent vaccine, which provided immunity against the three most common strains.) This vaccine, if administered across your workforce, will guarantee that between 70 and 90 percent of your employees will not catch the influenza virus this season.

Book a Corporate Flu Vaccination Program Today in Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley

Don’t let your workplace become a hotbed of influenza illnesses. Protect your workforce, cut down on sick days and maximise productivity, with a company-wide corporate flu vaccination program! You can schedule your flu shot event by calling Vaxsmart and negotiating a date and time that fits into your company schedule. Call us on 0410 022176 to get started.