Mobile Vaccines Offer a One-Stop Shop for Sydney Corporate Flu Vaccinations

As a business owner or manager, you recognize the importance of having a reliable staff. When employees are out ill, it can be disruptive to the business environment, impede profits and in some cases, wreak havoc on the remaining employees as they struggle to keep up. In particular, the influenza virus can pose serious health threats to many people and has been known to create a debilitating revenue loss for employers, especially if there’s an epidemic.

Luckily, employers have support and no longer have to leave their profits in the hands of an influenza virus outbreak or the consequences of an epidemic of illness. At Vaxsmart, we offer a convenient and unique approach to traditional vaccines. Our mobile units encourage employees to take care of their health and obtain corporate flu vaccinations in Sydney.

When you offer your employees on-site corporate flu shots in Sydney, your staff attendance will likely increase. The convenience of not having to leave work is appealing as employees can simply take a short break, receive the flu shot and quickly lessen their chances of contracting the flu.

Our mobile units are fully equipped and provide knowledgeable staff to administer the vaccines, and the information needed to guide employees through the process, as well as turnkey vaccine system that thwarts the need for workers to travel from the job site. Overall, there is less business interruption for the employer and a healthier staff. Why not call us today on 0410 022176 to discuss a workplace vaccine clinic for your company? It’s time to consider how our corporate flu vaccinations in Sydney can support a happy, healthy workplace.