Ensure Qualified Flu Shot Administration: Call Vaxsmart for Workplace Vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

If you want to make sure that as many of your employees as possible are getting this year’s flu vaccination, then hiring a mobile service to come to your office is the ideal option. These companies will come to you, bringing vaccines and people to administer them to your workplace. Your employees will appreciate the convenience, and your business will benefit by having a healthier, more comprehensively inoculated workforce. In short, everybody wins.

At least, everybody should win. Unfortunately, when you hire a mobile flu shot service in Central Coast or Newcastle, it can be difficult to know exactly what quality of service you are going to get. Many of the major national companies use agency nurses to meet the demand for their services, rather than relying on in-house employees to administer the vaccines. These agency nurses are not always qualified to give vaccines.

The Vaxsmart Difference

At Vaxsmart, we strive to offer a better corporate flu shot service in Hunter Valley and Central Coast. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use agency staff. Instead, we employ all of our nurses and other workers in-house—a factor that allows us to be more aware of their qualifications and overall work history.

The Vaxsmart difference is that we follow and adhere to all national and regional standards for vaccine administrators. Law requires vaccination staff to meet the following requirements:

  1. Each administrator needs to take annual courses in CPR and Vaccination Update training.
  2. Each administrator needs to have a minimum of five years experience as a doctor or qualified Registered Nurse before he or she can administer a vaccination.
  3. Each administrator needs to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance in order to administer a vaccination.

Vaxsmart vaccine administrators meet all three of these criteria, without exception. Our qualified staff guarantees your business the safest and best corporate flu shot program in Newcastle or Hunter Valley.

Our prices at Vaxsmart are also more competitive than those you might expect from a big national company. Our rates do not include travel costs or hidden fees, and we will only invoice you based on the number of vaccines we give while at your office. The result is a premium service without a premium price tag.

Schedule Your Corporate Flu Shot Program in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

Are you interested in scheduling a day for the Vaxsmart team to come to your office and provide an opportunity for your employees to get their flu shots for the year? If so, you can click here and make an enquiry by filling out the building form. You can also give us a call directly on 0410 022176.

Once you make your enquiry, Vaxsmart will work with you to find a date and time that will work with your company schedule. Our goal—like yours—is to get as many people as possible vaccinated against this year’s influenza strain. With flexible scheduling, we will hopefully be able to find a time that works for everyone within your organisation.