Chatswood Employers – It’s time for Workplace Flu Shots

If you’re an Australian employer, there’s never been a better reason to offer your employees the option to receive a workplace flu shot in Chatswood. At Vaxsmart, we provide mobile vaccination clinics to Chatswood employers. Even though having an on-site flu vaccination clinic isn’t a fail proof way to avoid a flu breakout, it offers some protection to lessen the chances of an epidemic. If you want to save hundreds of dollars in health care costs for sick employees, providing an option for employees to receive an on-site workplace flu shot in Chatswood is smart business acumen.

Some people imagine that a flu vaccine will be painful or require them to travel from the workplace, miss work or even utilise their personal time to obtain a flu shot. By offering on-site flu vaccines and informing your employees of the benefits of flu shots in the workplace, you will save valuable time and money.

Also, if you defuse popular myths surrounding flu shots, you can achieve a higher rate of attendance since employees who seek their workplace flu shots will inform their co-workers how easy it was. The list of vaccine benefits far outweighs the myths and old tales about receiving an annual flu vaccine while at work.

Another myth to dispel is the idea that the flu vaccine contains a live flu virus – it doesn’t. Therefore, the likelihood of having an outbreak is reduced after a successful flu clinic. It is highly likely there will be fewer flu cases after employees have participated in a workplace flu shot clinic in Chatswood.