Three Good Reasons to Get Flu Shots in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

As a business, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to minimise the potentially devastating loss of productivity that comes with flu season. Requiring employees to get flu shots, or even scheduling a corporate flu shot program and bringing a mobile flu shot station to the office, can do wonders in keeping the office healthy. However, several of your employees will probably be hesitant or even unwilling to get a flu shot—whether because they think their immune systems can fight off any illness, or because they have heard some of the myths about vaccinations.

If you want to ensure 100 percent flu shot compliance across your Central Coast or Newcastle workplace, it will take more than establishing a requirement or bringing a mobile vaccination station to the office for a day. Certain individuals will need convincing, and these three points should help explain to everyone in the office why flu shots are such a necessity in the professional world.

The Top Three Reasons to Get Flu Shots

  1. It’s risk-free: One of the most commonly repeated myths about flu shots is that it’s possible to catch the flu virus from the vaccine itself. This rumour is completely false. Flu vaccines do not contain a live influenza virus. Instead, they include specimens of the flu virus that have been killed. Injecting these dead viruses into your bloodstream helps your body to build up an immunity against them, without first requiring you to suffer the illness.
  2. It will save you sick days: Businesses have started sponsoring flu shots in Hunter Valley and Central Coast largely because of how these vaccinations can cut down on lost productivity. Typically, the flu will stick around for about a week, with the worst of it lasting three or four days. One of the best ways to convince employees to get flu shots, then, is to remind them that doing so could save them big on their sick days or personal days. No one wants to burn all of their personal days on one illness and have no cushion for the rest of the year.
  3. It will help keep your family safe and healthy: Another good way of encouraging flu shot compliance throughout the workplace is to appeal to the love your employees have for their families. If your company is sponsoring flu shots in Newcastle or Hunter Valley, remind your employees that you are paying to keep them healthy not just as work, but in all aspects of their life. A flu shot will protect against three or four different strains of influenza, drastically cutting down on an employee’s odds of catching the virus and passing it on to a spouse, child or parent.

Learn More About Corporate Flu Shots in Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley

Is your business considering sponsoring a flu shot program for employees this year? If so, Vaxsmart can help by bringing our flu shot station to your workplace. Give us a call today to learn more about our program or to get additional tips on how you can improve flu shot compliance in your office. You can reach us on 0410 022176.