How Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle Can Improve Your Corporate Culture

A firm mission statement; challenging and rewarding work; an atmosphere of sustained communication and collaboration; a strong work-life balance; a feeling of ‘belonging’ or value’: these are all characteristics that job seekers want to see in a company culture. In competing for the very best employees, then, your business should be motivated to establish the kind of company culture that draws people to you. Incorporating the factors listed above is a good start to this process.

However, it is worth noting that there are some elements of a ‘great company culture’ that often go unstated, just because they seem such fundamental characteristics of a good workplace. One of these factors is workplace health and wellness. Employees want to work in a place where they feel safe and protected. This concept goes beyond just meeting OH&S standards and extends to things like a company’s efforts to prevent illness around the office.

Commit to Workplace Wellness: Schedule a Flu Vaccination Program in Hunter Valley, Newcastle or Central Coast

There are numerous ways in which your business can begin to establish a culture of wellness. Providing access to healthy snacks or meals, letting employees take breaks to work out, being sensitive to requests for standing desks and other health-related items and striving to lower stress levels in the office are all positive steps towards a healthier workplace culture. Establishing a flu vaccination program at your Newcastle or Hunter Valley office is another hugely important step worth taking.

Encouraging or requiring your employees to get flu shots is a smart step to take even regardless of company culture considerations. Businesses can’t afford to have employees passing illnesses around the office or missing days at a time to recover. Not only do these ‘workplace epidemics’ lead to days or weeks of lost productivity, but they also destroy company morale and dampen collaboration.

However, simply requiring your employees to get flu vaccinations in Central Coast or Newcastle isn’t the best option. Going back to the work-life balance point mentioned earlier, your employees only have a limited number of hours outside of work to spend with their families and fulfil other obligations. Expecting them to go out of their way and get flu shots on their own time—and to pay for those flu shots, no less—is to upset the concept of work-life balance.

Introducing Vaxsmart

The solution to this conundrum is Vaxsmart. We are a mobile service offering corporate flu vaccinations in Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Hunter Valley. Instead of requiring your employees to get their own flu shots, you can hire us to come to your office and administer the vaccines during work hours.

The benefits of this option are twofold. First of all, by providing such a convenient way for your workers to get flu shots, you improve the vaccination compliance rate throughout your business. Secondly, by making it easy for employees to get their flu shots (and by footing the bill), you show your workforce that you care about their health—as well as the health of their families.

Commit to workplace wellness today: schedule a flu vaccination program through Vaxsmart. Send an enquiry to to learn more.