Planning a Workplace Flu Vaccine Program? How to Make Your Event a Success in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle

Scheduling a workplace flu vaccine event for your Hunter Valley, Central Coast or Newcastle office is a great way of keeping your staff healthy during flu season. However, if you plan to hire a mobile flu shot service to come to the office, you want to take a few steps to make sure the event is as successful as possible. Read on for some helpful pointers on planning the perfect corporate flu vaccine program.

Four Things to Remember When Planning a Workplace Flu Vaccine Event in Newcastle or Central Coast

  1. Hire a service you can trust: Bringing a mobile flu shot service to the office is a great idea because it gives your employees a convenient opportunity during work hours to get vaccinated against the most common strains of influenza. However, not all mobile services are created equal. In fact, some services use unqualified ‘agency nurses’ to administer vaccines or do so without liability insurance. At Vaxsmart, we use only in-house employees to run our vaccine programs, all of whom have the necessary experience, certification and insurance.
  2. Schedule it right: You want to schedule a corporate flu vaccine event on a day when everyone (or almost everyone) will be in the office. So check the schedule and pick a week where no one is on business trips or hitting the road for holiday vacations. The more people who are at work on the day of the event, the better chance your business has of office-wide vaccination. A healthier workplace, in turn, means less disruption to productivity.
  3. Advertise your event: Once you’ve scheduled your office flu vaccine event, make sure everyone knows about it. Put posters on the wall advertising the date, and send out a newsletter or memo that explains the benefits of flu vaccinations not just for each person, but for the office as a whole. You might still have one or two anti-vaccine holdouts, but with proper visibility and the right rhetoric, you can convince most of your workers to get the vaccine.
  4. Use incentives to encourage vaccination: If you find that your employees are hesitant to get vaccinated, try to establish incentives to encourage them to get the flu shot. An incentive can be anything. You could promise a pizza party at work if a target percentage of the workforce gets vaccinations, or you might send out a letter that ties flu vaccinations to family health, reminding employees that staying flu-free themselves can, in turn, protect their kids and spouses. The goal should be to give each employee a concrete reason to walk down to the mobile vaccine station and get a flu shot.

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If you need additional advice on how to make your corporate vaccination event a hit, or just some educational information about flu shots in general, feel free to contact Vaxsmart today. We are dedicated to helping companies plan and execute the perfect workplace flu vaccine programs in Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley! Email us at to get in touch.