VaxSmart Offers Convenient Mobile Flu Vaccines to Businesses on the Central Coast, Including Hunter Valley and Newcastle

Each year, as the seasons change, there always comes a time when the number of employees at your company showing up to work on time dwindles. Soon after, the phone calls start, with staff complaining of sore throats, headaches, and high fevers. The timing is always the same, and you know flu season has started. Each year, the flu costs Australian businesses thousands of hours in lost productivity. Encouraging employees to become vaccinated on their own may get through to some, but your vaccination compliance rate may still be too low. For a better alternative to getting your employees flu vaccines at your Newcastle company, turn to VaxSmart, an easy, affordable way to ensure that the flu does not derail your business.

When your employees must seek out flu vaccines on their own, they must endure the expense and hassle of a doctor’s visit. This can be difficult to arrange around work hours. That is why our service is so efficient and helpful: your employees can be vaccinated without missing work because we come to your office for the full procedure.

The convenient way to get flu vaccines at the office in Newcastle

VaxSmart offers flu vaccines to Hunter Valley companies both large and small. We work within your business hours and make every attempt to fit in with your schedule. Convenience is our goal, and your work day will not experience a severe interruption. We do not charge travel fees, and there are no hidden costs bundled into our service. Your company is only invoiced for a number of vaccines we administer on the day of our visit, making us an excellent and competitive option compared to national companies.

We employ only highly qualified and well-trained individuals to administer vaccinations. All of our vaccinators are professional and fully qualified and have worked as doctors or nurses for a minimum of five years. All of our staff are CPR certified as well. Coupled with the full public liability and professional insurance coverage we have in place, we offer a safe and high-quality service providing flu vaccines to the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

New quadrivalent vaccines give you even more protection

This flu season, the flu vaccines you receive on the Central Coast offer more protection than before. These quadrivalent vaccines protect against four strains of the flu virus, as opposed to trivalent vaccines from previous years which only guarded against three. For those who still wish to receive the trivalent vaccine, that option is available. However, the quadrivalent formula has important advantages and most employees will likely desire these vaccines.

The advantages of VaxSmart lie in our service’s convenience, dedication to providing a reliable service, and our professionalism. When your company must protect itself from the flu, we stand ready to arrive on time and provide a comprehensive vaccine service you can trust. Save on sick leave, boost flu season productivity, and keep your staff healthy all at once! To arrange a booking with us, call us now on 0410 022176.