Do You Need Your Influenza Shot? VaxSmart Comes to Your Office on the Central Coast, Whether in Newcastle or Hunter Valley

Contending with the lost productivity of flu season is a challenge that businesses and corporations around Australia face each year. The nature of the flu virus and its constant mutations ensures that no vaccine is effective for more than one season. Thus, each year your company is vulnerable to rising call-outs and increased sick leave costs. Personal vaccination compliance rates may not be as high as you would like, even if your employees are encouraged to seek out the vaccine before the risk of infection increases. However, there is an excellent, easy way to ensure that your employees receive an influenza shot right in your Newcastle offices: VaxSmart.

VaxSmart is a mobile vaccination service serving corporations and businesses in the areas surrounding Northern Sydney, Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast. By coming to your offices and offering employees a chance to receive their shot while at work, you can guard your company against infection much more easily. Show your employees that you care about their health by making it easy for them to access the influenza shot. Competitively priced and staffed by experienced doctors and nurses, we can help your company stay healthy this flu season.

Offering the influenza shot to Newcastle offices both large & small

The VaxSmart procedure is simple. Our goal is to vaccinate your staff quickly, efficiently, and without causing a significant disruption to your workday. Our convenient service is mobile and ready to travel with our trained staff to administer the influenza shot throughout the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas. After booking an appointment with us, we arrive on time and ready to set up. This year, we are offering a new influenza shot featuring a quadrivalent formulation. Therefore, your employees will receive protection against the four most common strains of the influenza virus, as opposed to previous years’ vaccines, which guarded against just three. Our staff, composed of doctors and nurses with at least five years experience, administer the vaccines quickly and safely. Your employees can then return to work protected for the season!

We do not charge travel costs, nor do we roll up hidden fees in our service. We believe in providing a quality vaccination service at affordable rates. We invoice only for the number of vaccinations given in your workplace, offering a better value that national companies. Combined with our professionalism and ease of service, VaxSmart offers a safe, fast way for your company to remain healthy and stable through flu season.

Our experienced vaccinators make our visit easy

It is an unfortunate fact that some national companies employ agency nurses not qualified to give vaccinations. With VaxSmart, that is never a worry. Our team is highly trained and professional, covered by public liability and professional insurance, and sensitive to the needs of your workplace. We offer one of the most convenient ways for employees to receive the influenza shot on the Central Coast. If you have questions about our service or you would like to book an appointment now, please phone us directly on 0410 022176. You can also reach us via email at intercommunication.