For Convenient Office Influenza Vaccination on the Central Coast, VaxSmart Serves Hunter Valley and Newcastle

When the flu enters the workplace, it can wreak havoc with your staff. It may only take one person showing up to work sick to begin a chain reaction that infects a number of people at your company, driving down employee attendance and driving up the costs of sick leave. Encouraging your employees to seek the influenza vaccination may help, but staff often find it difficult to schedule an appointment with a doctor around their working hours. There is an easier way to ensure that the compliance rate for receiving an influenza vaccination at your Central Coast company is high. To cut down on the number of staff calling in sick this flu season, call in VaxSmart, a mobile corporate vaccination service.

By bringing the vaccine directly into your office, you can ensure compliance is much higher. Success rates with office vaccination begin around 70% and can offer up to 90% protection from infection throughout flu season. Offering employees the chance to guard themselves against illness on the clock is much simpler than expecting them to do so on their own time, and allows them to see that you care for their health and wellness. Consider the benefits of our quality service and your company can make it through flu season with its productivity unscathed!

Mobile and hassle-free influenza vaccination in Newcastle

The primary benefit of our service is its convenience and the ease with which we can provide influenza vaccination to your company. Our goal is to create as minimal a disturbance in your workday as possible so as to allow your operations to continue unimpeded. One way we ensure this is by only employing highly professional and trained staff. Each vaccinator we bring to your office has at least five years experience as a doctor or nurse. We do not use any agency-hired staff. We also maintain public liability and professional insurance, and our staff is CPR trained. We offer a safe, effective way for employees to receive their influenza vaccination in Newcastle.

This flu season, your employees will receive additional protection. A new quadrivalent vaccine is now in use and offers protection against the four most common types of the influenza virus. Previous trivalent vaccines, which protect against three strains, are still available for those with a preference. With the high success rate of the vaccine, you can be sure that your company’s sick leave costs will remain low and your staff healthy and happy.

Professional, safe, and affordable vaccinations

When you call us in to provide the influenza vaccination to your Hunter Valley employees, you can trust in receiving quality service at a price competitive with national companies. Despite our mobile service, we do not charge travel fees. We simply invoice your company for the number of vaccinations provided. There are also never any hidden fees or extra costs bundled into your invoice.

To get your company set up and ready to receive the influenza vaccination, please call us today on x. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our service. We look forward to helping keep your company stable, productive, and healthy this year!