Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle Employers – Get Influenza Vaccines for your Employees

Are you an employer seeking to provide your employees with influenza vaccines in the Central Coast area? Vaxsmart Vaccination Service is a mobile service that provides corporate influenza vaccines in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle communities. We are based in Port Stephens and Sydney and we provide influenza vaccines for employers located in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Sydney regions. Our caring team of registered nurses have vast experience providing workplace vaccinations.

Since 1998, we have been providing vaccines to companies, schools, government entities and colleges. When you use Vaxsmart services, you are working with a company that has a stellar reputation for professionalism and efficiency. Also, our services don’t end at specialised vaccines – our skilled staff complies with all vaccination requirements, annual vaccination schedules and CPR updates. Since your protection is important to us, we carry current professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

The Benefits of Getting Influenza Vaccines in Central Coast

Having influenza is no laughing matter – it’s considered serious and is a disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Since each flu season looks different and the influenza virus impacts people differently, getting a vaccination early in the flu season is beneficial. Sometimes, an otherwise healthy person can still become very ill after being exposed to a flu virus. That’s why it’s important to encourage all of your employees to get an influenza vaccination.

Even healthy employees in Newcastle should get influenza vaccines. Having employees vaccinated against influenza is part of a long-term solution to the ongoing problem of missed work time. Each year, employers spend millions of dollars on expenses directly related to the care for adults stricken with the influenza virus. Also, when people in a shared workspace become ill, there’s risk of the rest of the staff becoming ill and that means more folks out of the workplace. The result is lost revenue to businesses.

If you’re trying to convince your Newcastle employees to get vaccinated, it’s helpful to remind them how vaccines can save them money and time. For example, getting vaccinated can save employees time and money, precluding the need for long waits in doctor’s offices and lost pay due to missed work. Also, getting vaccinated saves employees from having to utilize sick time for medical appointments or to recover.

At Vaxsmart, we offer mobile influenza vaccinations in the Newcastle and Central Coast areas. We make it simple for employers to provide flu vaccines for employees and that means a minimal disruption to your workplace. Since the costs for our mobile vaccination services are the same for private and public companies, using our services ultimately saves your company money.

When to get Influenza Vaccines in Hunter Valley

You may be wondering when a vaccine is needed. A flu vaccine is needed at least every two seasons, so as to have enough protection. In fact, since the body’s immune system declines over time, getting one vaccine won’t protect someone from the flu season year after year. If you’re an employer in Hunter Valley, encouraging your employees to get vaccinated is smart business planning. Contact us today on 0410 022176 to arrange a workplace vaccine date for your staff.