What You Should Know About the Sydney Flu Shot – A Primer for Businesses from Vaxsmart

When businesses think about the many different ways that they can protect their employees, they should not be lax when it comes to one of the most important methods at their disposal – the flu shot. In Sydney, the flu shot is almost essential for anybody who works with the public, and especially for those who work with children, older individuals, or any other individuals who may be considered at risk.’ Even for those who do not work in the public, it can be an important tool in helping a worker maintain their role within an organisation and in helping a business maintain productivity.

There are plenty of important things to note for businesses in Sydney. The flu shot protects against three common strains of influenza, so any individuals who have received the flu shot are protected against all of these common forms of the flu. When workplaces are fully vaccinated, the number of employees that do not catch the virus typically consists of 70 to 90% – a significant number during cold and flu season, and one that leads to high productivity when large numbers are calling in sick at other firms.

In Sydney, the flu shot can be provided to your workforce by Vaxsmart, a leading mobile service that makes compliance easy. Benefits of Vaxsmart include a professional staff of experienced vaccinators and highly competitive pricing compared to other national companies. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to set up vaccinations at your workplace.