Obtain a Flu Vaccine in Sydney

Are you ready for a new generation of vaccines? Long gone are the days of missing work to try to recuperate. You no longer have to send your employees off site to wait in long lines at the doctor’s offices so they can obtain a necessary flu vaccine in Sydney.

In fact, if your staff has 15 minutes, they can protect themselves from the influenza virus and ensure a healthier workplace. In the time it takes to grab a snack and take a break, your employees could receive a potentially life-saving, money-saving and readily available flu vaccine in Sydney.

At Vaxsmart, we offer the convenience of on-site availability and easy scheduling for employers. Once you reach out to set up your company’s flu vaccines clinic in Sydney, we take care of the rest. Our knowledgeable staff has experience with several different site venues, such as schools, government entities, private and public corporate environments. We have held successful vaccination clinics in retail shopping centers, conference rooms, lunchrooms and large auditoriums.

Since the costs associated with our mobile vaccination services remain steady for both public and private organisations, there are no hidden fees to be dribbled down to the employees. Why not allow our stress free vaccine protocol encourage more of your staff members to stay healthy with flu vaccines – all it takes is one telephone call to us on 0410 022176 and we can set up the date for your company’s mobile flu vaccine clinic in Sydney.