Stay Flu-Free in Blacktown with a Workplace Flu Shot

Are you tired of missing time from work each year due to illness such as the flu? Have you endured the influenza virus or taken care of a loved one who was suffering from the flu? If so, you certainly know that having the flu is nothing short of dangerous. It can be a severe illness and cause a great deal of problems such as lost income, health care costs and genuine discomfort.

There is an easy way to safeguard yourself from the influenza virus, and it’s as simple as a shot. When you agree to receive an influenza vaccine, you lessen the chances of contracting the flu virus and spreading the virus to others. If your employer offers the option for a workplace flu shot in Blacktown, you won’t have to go through another year of tolerating the painful symptoms of the flu.

At Vaxsmart, we provide mobile workplace flu shots in Blacktown and the surrounding communities. Our unique mobile clinics work with the employer and provide a safe and efficient way to obtain a vaccine for the influenza virus. We know that the strains of the flu virus differ each season, so we aim to have the most current vaccine available based on the most up to date research data. Just think, in as little as few minutes you can be protected from the flu, without missing work or having to travel. If you’re an employee who wants to stay healthy this flu season, it’s time to sign up for a workplace flu shot in Blacktown in one of our handy mobile units.