Companies in Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle – it’s time to offer a Workplace Flu Vaccination

Having the flu is not an enjoyable experience and an outbreak of the flu at a workplace can pose a serious health risk to everyone involved. With flu season coming up, now is the time to consider offering the option for your employees to get a workplace flu vaccination in Central Coast or the surrounding areas of Hunter Valley and Newcastle. Long gone are the days of having to send employees to the doctor for a flu shot. Now, there’s an easier way – mobile vaccinations from Vaxsmart Vaccination Service.

We offer convenient mobile vaccination services that come directly to your school or business. Our scheduling is flexible, so we work to accommodate your needs. By allowing employees the option to get vaccines at the workplace, there are no travel costs or extra fees associated with a workplace flu vaccination in Hunter Valley.

It’s Flu Season – Why You Should Offer your Employees a Workplace Flu Vaccination in Newcastle.

If you’re an employer wondering why you might consider offering the option for a workplace flu vaccination in the Central Coast, that’s an easy answer – convenience and the good health of staff.

At Vaxsmart, our mobile vaccination service is extremely cost effective and encourages healthier employees. Having healthy personnel equals increased productivity and cost savings for your company.

Influenza vaccines will protect against the most common strains of the influenza virus for a particular season. This year, we will be using the new Quadrivalent vaccine, whereas last year the Trivalent was the vaccine of choice for medical professionals. If requested, the Trivalent is still available, but most of the vaccines will be Quadrivalent. Having this type of double coverage is another reason we have such as valued reputation.

How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season in Hunter Valley

Employees may wonder why they should get a flu vaccine – getting a workplace flu vaccination in Hunter Valley is a responsible thing to do. Also, having the antibodies to protect oneself from the flu virus will yield less time off work. Another reason people should consider a flu vaccine is preventing spreading the virus to others. When you take steps to protect yourself from the flu, you are also precluding those around you from possibly contracting the virus. For example, if you work around those more vulnerable populations such as the elderly and children, getting a flu shot can make the difference between life and death. This pertains to those suffering from chronic health ailments and younger children who are too young to get vaccines.

Since no vaccination is 100% effective, there is still a possibility that you may become ill with the flu. However, getting a workplace flu vaccine can shorten the time you are ill with the influenza virus.

The flu is a serious disease and not something to be considered as a minor illness. Not only can having the flu leave you home and away from work for days to weeks, but the health risks are also many, and loss of money resources and work are unavoidable. Also, being around children and having the flu can pose serious health risks for them, especially if they’re too young to get vaccinated.

It’s easy and cost effective to provide flu vaccinations in the workplace. Contact us on 0410 022176 to a arrange a workplace vaccine date for your staff.