Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars in direct costs caring for employees who have been infected with the influenza virus. It’s no secret that executives should maintain a healthy lifestyle especially if they are mentoring a staff. Part of a solid leadership process involves staying up to date on standard vaccinations, including influenza and offering workplace flu vaccinations in Newcastle.

Also, it can be considered irresponsible to be in the office or work setting unprotected against the flu virus. For example, if you’re at the workplace and have the flu, that exposure poses a threat to everyone that you come into contact with every day. You are not only compromising yourself, but you are also risking the health of your co-workers as well as their families. To avoid this scenario call upon the knowledge and convenience of Vaxsmart. We provide mobile workplace flu vaccinations in Central Coast and the surrounding suburbs.

Encourage Employees to get Workplace Flu Vaccinations

What do you think of when you hear the words, “Flu Shot”? Some people think ‘pain’, others believe a host of myths about flu shots that simply aren’t true. As an employer in Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley, encouraging your employees to get flu shots will save you time and money. It can be helpful to meet with your employees or circulate some information to debunk the current myths about flu shots such as:

  1. I will get sick if I get vaccinated. Not true – getting a vaccine does not mean you will get the flu.
  2. I don’t need a vaccine; I can use antibiotics. False: Antibiotics do not fight the flu virus. Instead, they are used to combat bacterial infections.

The truth is that getting workplace flu shots on site does not encourage an outbreak of the flu. Also, since the flu vaccination does not contain the live influenza virus, having a vaccinated staff means helping your workers to stay flu-free this year. Being vaccinated at work is the best way to avoid an epidemic at the office. In fact, workplace flu vaccinations in Central Coast provide a high success rate.

Even if you have endured the flu once or more, you are not immune to contracting the flu again. Since there are several different strains of the influenza virus, the influenza vaccine is geared at preventing the three most common strains. The bottom line is that a flu vaccination in the workplace is a logical business choice.

Is there a downside to getting Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Newcastle?

There are some minor side effects to the flu vaccination, but they’re nothing as bothersome as contracting the flu. Some of the side effects associated with a workplace flu vaccination include redness, swelling or soreness at the site of the injection, low-grade fever or overall body aches. If any of these symptoms occur, they will be short lived and will be experienced shortly after the vaccination.

Offering your employees the option to get a workplace flu vaccination is an ethical and smart business practice. Contact us today on 0410 022176 to arrange a workplace vaccine date for your staff.