Workplace Vaccinations Promote Flu Vaccinations in the Workplace to Stop the Flu

The flu can be a serious problem in the workplace. Every year, businesses spend approximately 10 billion dollars in direct costs for the care giving of adults with influenza. No matter which way you look at it, business professionals should maintain a healthy lifestyle and this includes getting flu vaccinations. If you are in the workplace and are not vaccinated against the flu, you are not only endangering yourself, but you are endangering the other employees as well as their families.

The flu is not something to take lightly. The flu can put you down for days on end and can cause problems not only for your health but for your monetary resources as well. And if you have children, you are putting them at risk by not taking the necessary steps to make it your business to fight the flu. You are putting yourself at risk of being sick, losing out on money and having to take time off of work to take care of you sick family. Flu vaccinations in the workplace is something every company should take advantage of before the flu gets the best of your business.

Why Consider Flu Vaccinations in the Workplace?

  • Vaccinations protect against the four most common strains of the influenza virus
  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Increased workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Makes it easier for employees to receive a vaccination therefore better compliance
  • Shows you care about your employees and their families
  • Local registered nurse vaccination specialists are on staff to administer the vaccinations
  • Communication and Educational programs are provided to employers and employees. Most employees simply do not have the time or energy when they are outside of the workplace to receive a vaccination. The cost effective flu vaccinations in the workplace provide an easy and affordable way to ensure productivity is efficient and is not thrown off by influenza. It provides the company with stability as well as prevents sickness from spreading. It is a win‐win situation for the employer and employee.

Myths Debunked about Flu Vaccinations in the Workplace

  • Flu Vaccinations in the workplace or any other establishment will not cause the influenza virus. The flu vaccination does not contain live influenza virus, so it cannot lead to flu epidemic in the workplace
  • Being vaccinated is the best way to avoid influenza virus.
  • Antibiotics do not fight against the flu.
  • The flu is not only dangerous to the elderly. The elderly have more deaths that are flu related, but anyone can contract the flu if not vaccinated.
  • If you have the flu once, you are not immune to further bouts of influenza. There are many different strains of the influenza virus and to prevent the four most common strains, a flu vaccination in the work place is the smart way to go.